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How to Care & Maintain Your Carpet

Appropriate Action for Spot and Stain removal?


Referral to manufacturers stain removal guide and then prompt action using the correct procedure, stain removal solutions, implements and absorbent white cloths will in most cases result in successful removal of spots and stains

For difficult stains, expert assistance, information about certification schemes for carpet cleaners and carpet maintenance products, a point of contact is the National Upholstery, Carpet Cleaners and Restorer’s Association on 1800 621 872

When the carpet is flooded, what is the best course of action?


During extraction of the water (in conjunction with other contaminants) and drying of the carpet, different classes of water – white water, grey water, black water, require specific methods to deal with potential health hazard problems

Is Wool easy to clean, is it easier than Nylon?


Any pile fibre can be easy or difficult to clean or maintain. Appropriate care and maintenance – such as regular vacuuming, prompt removal stains and spills with periodic and corrective professional cleaning should ensure an acceptable level of carpet cleanliness throughout its life.

Many stains are difficult to remove once they “set” so it is important to take the appropriate action as soon as possible after the staining/accidental spillage occurs.

How often should I get my carpet cleaned by a professional cleaner? Which method should I use and what is the difference between methods?


Any installed carpet is subject to trafficked and airborne soiling materials being deposited on or in the pile as well as accidental spillages. Regular vacuuming spot and stain removal together with periodic and corrective cleaning programmes should provide acceptable visual appearance and performance throughout the life of the carpet.

The frequency of maintenance will be influenced by carpet colour and design in conjunction with the use conditions experienced by the carpet.

Other than vacuuming and prompt spot and stain removal, carpet cleaning should be carried out by competent, trained and accredited carpet cleaning technicians.

What is meant by the term “carpet dry cleaning”?


While this terminology is in common use it is incorrectly used to refer to a low moisture carpet cleaning process that may use a water based detergent sprayed on to the pile, a powder or moist impregnated sponges applied to the pile to aid loosening and removal of soiling materials, subsequently removed by vacuum extraction.

All definitions stated by:  “Carpet Institute of Australia Limited”


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